About Us

Springs of Arid and Semiarid Lands

SASAL is a a non-governmental organization that is working with the pastoral communities in the Arid and semi-arid lands to build climate resilience. To achieve climate resilience, we have developed several programmes on awareness/knowledge creation, mitigation, and adaptation.

The idea for SASAL was born in the year 2015 but became a reality in 2019 September. It was initially named “smile of a pastoralist” but then renamed. Our story stems from an interesting point of view from our founder, who is also a meteorologist and from a pastoral community. She couldn’t help but notice the continuous land degradation, recurrent droughts and loss of livelihood in her home area in Magadi, Kajiado county. Studying meteorology led her to believe that the effects of droughts such as the loss of livelihoods could be evaded by proper preparedness by following weather forecasts issued by the Kenya Meteorological department. However, she realized some of the barriers hindering the farmers from consuming the weather forecasts and using it. That’s when the idea was born of forming an organization that will be like a “spring” not only in Kajiado county but all of the Arid and semi-arid lands of Kenya and help people build climate resilience through creating awareness, adapting to climate change and some mitigation actions. Hence the name Spring of the ASAL’s.

Our Mission

To work with the communities living in the ASAL’s for their improved climate resilience

Our Vision

To be a leading organization in optimizing climate resilience of communities in the ASAL’s of Kenya